Air Canada 这是在搞啥?

他们搞的事,票是他们出的,delayed baggage report 也是发给他们的,最后推给最后一家航空公司,各位大佬,有这道理吗?

Dear Mr. ,
We truly regret that your baggage was not available upon arrival. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience the delay of your baggage may have caused you.

As is the practice in the airline industry and your last flight was operated by China Airline, your Delayed Baggage Report was opened with this carrier and the recovery of your baggage was handled by this carrier. Therefore, your claim for interim expenses must be made with China Airline, regardless which of the airlines in the itinerary is at fault. As per the airline’s agreement, all baggage claims are handled by the last carrier.

We hope to welcome you back on board in the future and trust that all your future travels will be completely trouble-free.

Mario Garcia
Baggage Claims Representative


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我只能先FK AC啦 :yaoming:
我在找这哥们要AC和CA的agreement, 看他怎么说。


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加航的客服已经蠢到Air China和China Airlines都分不清楚了。

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楼主坐的就是China Airlines没问题啊,你看之前的帖子


人家明明叫China Airlines,除非lz不是完整复制粘贴

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我有证据是Air Canada 延误的,包括email 和online report, baggage report 也是发给 ac 的。China Airlines 说, 我在Vancouver 转机,就是空着手上的飞机,就没行李什么事,我当然只能找 AC了。


我有证据是Air Canada 行李找不到了,延误了7天才从Vancouver 发出来。我飞China Airlines 时,压根没行李托运,所以他们不背这个锅。