Paceline 家的credit, 无差别3% 值得弄么?

求一个refer code

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我认为算是神卡之一(就是每周要高一下workout entry 或者运动)

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In case anyone have the same issue: Reddit - Dive into anything

Thanks for your interest in the Paceline Card! Apologies if this is confusing: referral codes for the app are different from invite codes for the Paceline Card, and there are currently no invite codes available. We invite you to join the waitlist, and once we’re able to, we’ll email you to apply for the Card. In the meantime, download the Paceline app to begin earning and redeeming rewards for your workouts!

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谁还有refer :smiley: pm我(有点考验老会员如何使用pm :clown_face: