delta reserve卡用户:兑换里程票将要打8.5折

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American Express Delta Reserve New Benefit – ‘TakeOff 15’ (15% Off Award Flights)

The American Express Delta Reserve is showing a new benefit called ‘TakeOff 15’ that offers a 15% discount when booking award flights (benefit no longer showing). The benefit doesn’t appear to be live yet as discounts aren’t showing when following the American Express directions:

  1. Visit or the Fly Delta app and log in to your Delta SkyMiles account
  2. Choose “Shop with Miles” when searching for Delta flights for your itinerary
  3. The 15% miles discount will automatically be reflected.

The discount doesn’t apply on partner operated flights or taxes and fees. Considering the Reserve card comes with a $550 annual fee I can’t see this new benefit making the card worth keeping for people that otherwise wouldn’t unless you had a lot of Delta award flights planned but it is a nice addition for people that already hold the card and find it worth keeping. There are some rumors that this will be available across all American Express Delta cards and that would be extremely useful.

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1.5折可以考虑 :cry:

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BIZ reserve 被孤立了么? 哪里写了呢?


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747卡面返场就考虑 :doge: