conrad tokyo 3个人limit

conrad tokyo 查人数么?
想定twin room,说的limit 3个人,不过看他hotel service在tripadvisor上回复的貌似带俩小孩也行?

“Warm greetings to you from the Conrad Tokyo. Thank you very much for your inquiry. Our twin bed has approximately 140cm width size so we assume you will be able to sleep with your children. Also we would be able to set the rollaway bed with additional charge in the room if necessary. Should you require further assistance from us, please feel free to let us know. We look forward to welcoming you in not a distant future.

Conrad Tokyo”

顺便问一句,有俩hilton的房券和两张Marriott 50k的房券,带俩小娃东京哪家酒店稍微舒服点,好像都是限制两个人或者三个人,定俩房间感觉有点太贵了。。。。。