UAR/Venture X 的 trip cancellation/interruption insurance 只管交通,不管住宿?

UAR benefits guide 里只提到了 Common Carrier ticket(s):

Trip Cancellation and Interruption benefits pay up to two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) per Insured Person for the non-refundable Common Carrier ticket(s) that You paid for with Your covered Account and/or rewards programs associated with Your covered Account.

Capital one venture x 也是同样的条款。

CSP/CSR 就包括其他 travel expenses:

The Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefit provides reimbursement for Eligible Travel Expenses charged to the Cardholder’s Account up to ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars per Covered Person and up to twenty thousand ($20,000.00) dollars per Trip, if a loss results in cancellation or interruption of the travel arrangements.

Eligible Travel Expenses are Non-Refundable prepaid travel expenses charged by a Travel Supplier (Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Provider of Lodging, rental car agency, Rented Recreational Vehicle Provider, commercial recreational excursion provider, Cruise Line, airline, railroad, and other Common Carriers).

另外请教怎么网上/电话联系 plan administrator,benefits guide 里只留了个地址,只能写信吗?

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amex plat的trip interruption是不管住宿的

Amex 的这个链接里面说的是付给 travel suppliers 的钱是管的,而 travel suppliers 的定义似乎是包括住宿的?

Travel Supplier means a tour operator, innkeeper, resort, or a cruise line, airline, railroad or other
Common Carrier.

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我之前因为covid 买了新的回程机票用了trip intrruption 只报销新买的机票。可能情况不一样?