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刚和chatgpt合作写了complaint letter,太气了。要是不回应的话就small claims。先把整个complaint lettter放着。过两天不忙了来精简一下。大家请一定小心避雷,出门租车慎重选择电车。

Dear Avis Car Rental,

This is referring Rental Confirmation Number: XXXXXX

I am writing to express my extreme disappointment and frustration with the service I received from your company during my recent rental experience. Not only was I given an electric car without proper information, but the vehicle broke down during my trip, the roadside assistance was unsatisfactory to say the least. I was left there dry with no Avis agent onsite at all when I went to the suggested replacement location! We were forced to drive in unsafe conditions and consequently missed my flight home and my best friend’s 30th birthday party. I am demanding full reimbursement of my rental costs and the cost of the missed flight, as well as reasonable compensation for the safety hazard and severe emotional distress I was put under. The total financial compensation I am claiming is $820.88. A breakdown can be found below.

On March 15th, I checked out an electric car from your company despite the fact that I booked a traditional fuel car. The agent issuing us the car did not inform me about any of the issues with an electrical car, including but limited to difficulty in finding charge points and exceedingly long recharge time (I had to wait a full 7 hours for the car to be fully recharged!) I had to modify my travel plan because of these limitations.

However, it was only the beginning of the horror show. While I was already stressed that I had to change my travel plan – which I did not make a fuss about – I expected that, at the very minimum, that I would have a reliable and safe vehicle for my trip. However, on March 18th during out return trip to the airport, the car malfunctioned and displayed errors messages indicating “propulsion power is reduced” and “speed is limited to 30mph”, causing significant inconvenience and distress. In case it is not clear, driving 30mph on the highway is extremely hazardous. We were forced to make an emergency stop at road side and tried to troubleshoot to no avail.

Then we tried the Avis roadside assistance, but the wait was extremely long and on our first attempts agent simply put us back to the voice system which was extremely frustrating. After waiting for an extended period, we finally got through to Avis customer service, who instructed us to get a replacement car at Avis Morrow. However, when we arrived at Avis Morrow, there was no one at the location. This was totally unacceptable, especially because the agent on the phone emphasized that we had to go to Avis Morrow and that they were expecting me there. Totally unacceptable! Bordering on the absurd!

Due to the breakdown and the lack of support from your company, I missed our flights back home, resulting in significant financial losses and additional stress. Furthermore, I missed my best friend’s 30th birthday party, which was a once-in-a-lifetime event that I had been looking forward to for months. The events that occurred during my rental with your company have caused me undue stress and hardship.

The level of service provided by your company was entirely unacceptable. The failure of your car to function correctly, the lack of prompt and efficient roadside assistance, the inability to provide adequate support when we attempted to get a replacement vehicle, and ultimately causing us to miss our flights and important events, have left me with a highly negative impression of your company. As a customer, I expect to receive reliable and efficient service and a safe vehicle for my travels, and your company has failed to deliver that.

I would appreciate a response to my complaint, an explanation of why the suggested replacement location was not staffed, immediate compensation for the additional expenses, stress, and financial losses that I incurred due to the failures of your company, and a plan to ensure that these issues do not happen to future customers.

I hope to hear from you soon.



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2 个赞

这是一封投诉信,写给Avis Car Rental 租车公司。他们在租车过程中遇到了极大的问题,不仅提供了一辆电动车,而且还在旅行期间出现故障,道路救援服务令人不满意,要求全额赔偿租车成本和错过航班的费用以及合理的赔偿。他们给出了经过详细的时间和现场描述,表述了自己经历的巨大压力和心理煎熬,要求立即赔偿。
他们表示,对Avis Car Rental的服务非常失望,对汽车正确运行的失败、紧急道路援手的无效性以及在他们试图寻找替代车辆时未能提供适当支持的能力,都感到异常愤怒。

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