5/15/2023 TCB+gopuff 新用户 Get $26.25, 老用户 $10.5

刚刚来送货的小哥是Uber driver 告诉我他已经给Gopuff送了快两个星期了 (就是小go接了单 没driver 就叫Ubereats 代送) 是不是 小go 快要到站下车了? 连driver都没了

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Having chased the status of your claim with the merchant network it unfortunately appears your claim has returned declined. The reason given to us for the decline is “another marketing channel.”

The most common reasons behind this declined resolution is either that TopCashback was not the last referred click when making a transaction, or that a coupon/promotional code was used that was not listed on our site.


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问了以后TCB说很抱歉商家没告诉我们“another marketing channel”是什么……

购买后在TCB居然没有购买记录 感觉被反撸了:smiling_face_with_tear:

tcb web and gopuff web?on desktop?可以多试试几次,反正$10 off $20 coupon + chase $10 monthly credit 等于白嫖,track上就倒赚,track 不上就whatever



买了两次一次都没追上T T