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Nobody gives a damn what you烦 :yaoming:

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有邮件just for you 2stay 送2 FN , 但是点register now缺无法register:

A Note About This Promotion

We’re sorry, but there was an error in directing you to this promotion.

The reason for this error could be:

  • You’re trying to access a miles promotion and are a points-earner, or vice versa
  • You are not eligible for this promotion
  • This promotion has expired

Updating your earning preference is fast and easy; simply sign into your account. For all other issues, please contact Marriott Bonvoy Customer Support.


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一年左右没住的旧账号拿到了2stay给2个35K FN的promo 本来还在想要不要合并 为了偶尔收到点promo还是算了 反正白金就多个早餐……

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5年历史,75晚。中了住2送2 35k fn的


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mmp可以海鲜市场找人买 便宜的包年三千多,均价1600-2000两个月

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是啊 查form下面那个号码 基本上就知道哪里来的了 就mgs上面 一般人不会卖的 除非那个人没打算在万豪留多久吧

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30 个帖子被合并到现有话题中:【疑似Clawed back|RIP】万豪promo,住二送一