Amex claw back 超市GC


负数mr你直接关号吗? 不会直接找你讨债吧。。


金卡clawback了上个月在giftcards.com买vgc的1x MR :rofl:

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你是咋搞到million的mr的 真大佬

wow, VGC 购买拿的积分还是NLL sub?

已无从分辨 :liekai:

我几个账号从去年六月中旬开始每个被claw back 几十万 VGC的积分,就没再搞VGC了,改为专搞NLL了…

可以 cfpb 么

claw back VGC积分没法cfpb, terms/conditions写明了VGC/cash equivalent 没有积分.
多年前那对俄国夫妻old blue cash搞了几十万cash back, 被IRS要税,运通也没claw back因为当时运通没有相应的terms/conditions,只能关掉一些人的uncapped old blue cash 卡。

开卡奖励买VGC有claw back的DP吗?看了一圈,好像都是多倍点数被claw back

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一堆dp吧 amex的开卡建议不要




还是被轮到了,30k MR clawback,能想到的原因是用gold在超市买vgc赚4x,准备关卡了

Important information about your Membership Rewards account

We’re writing to let you know that, unfortunately, we have removed some Membership Rewards® points from your program account.

Here’s what happened

After careful review, we noticed activity that indicated these points may have been earned or used in a way that doesn’t meet the terms and conditions of the Membership Rewards program or of the promotional offer under which you earned the points.

Here’s what you need to know

The way Membership Rewards points are earned or used may not meet our terms for one or more of the following reasons:

If your account was downgraded or canceled within 12 months of acquiring it
If you didn't meet the spend criteria of an offer due to returns
If the type of spend wasn't eligible to receive points
    This applies to traveler's cheques, prepaid/gift cards, person-to-person payments or other cash equivalents, or purchases that don't represent the exchange of goods or services
If an activity was not eligible to earn or redeem rewards (examples: self-referring for a reward or selling of points)

美东日常用AE在food lion买礼卡。。祝我好运。。。

有这么多dp还继续买么。。。merchant GC还能祈祷一下,VGC之类的就不用想了


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