Bilt 的 5x bonus 什么时候给?


Note:我并没有激活实体卡,但是start date是收到卡的那天,所以可能不能晚激活卡,拖几天。

Your Bilt Mastercard has been delivered!

As a thank you for being a Bilt Member, we’re excited to offer you 5X points on all of your eligible purchases (excluding rent) for the next 5 days starting Thursday, March 28.

That’s 5X on meals, online purchases, trips, gas, and much more. Up to 50,000 points.

Don’t forget - you need to make at least 5 transactions that post to your account each statement period in order to earn these points.

Thanks for being part of the Bilt fam.

Talk soon,

Team Bilt


邮件是在信用卡寄到的那天收到的,title是 Your new Bilt Mastercard has arrived!

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请问刷paytaxusa是周中吗?我今天刚刷,怕周末不工作要等到下周一才post :cry:


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同样的dp 第二天就到

可能你们都不是周五付的 :cry: