UA flight 取消,C1 Venture X trip interruption claim declined, 还能撕吗?

6月底七月初UA massive flight cancellation,我敢上了。第一次做这个,电问客服说符合trip interruption/cancellation, 花了很多时间和精力搜集资料。是否claim的姿势不对,有些不甘心,望指教。
Date of Loss: 28-Jun-2023
Date Canceled: 28-Jun-2023
Claimed Amount: $696.68
Type of Loss: Trip Interruption
Insurance Company: Federal Insurance Company

We have reviewed all of the information that you provided and have made a coverage
determination for the above referenced claim.
On June 28, 2023, your trip was interrupted due to severe weather resulting in United Airlines
cancelling the flight. Due to this incident, you incurred and forfeited $696.68 for lodging, meals,
and transportation and have claimed this amount for reimbursement.
Based on our review of the policy, the documentation provided, and the facts of the loss, we
have determined that your claim does not qualify for Trip Cancellation/Interruption benefits.
Losses resulting from severe weather and subsequent flight cancellation do not meet the policy
criteria for coverage under this policy. In addition, losses associated with lodging, meals, and
transportation expenses are not eligible for coverage as these expenses do not meet the policy
criteria of Common Carrier passenger fare(s). As a result, we must respectfully decline to issue
payment for your claim.
To better understand the basis for our denial, please refer to the below policy language:
Common Carrier
Common Carrier means any licensed land, water or air conveyance operated by those whose
occupation or business is the transportation of persons or things without discrimination and for
Endorsement-Financial Services Common Carrier Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption

With respect to Financial Services Common Carrier Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption only,
Section I of the Contract, Coverage, is amended to include the following:
In the event of the Insured Person's Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption, we will pay up to
the Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Benefit Amount shown in Section IV of the
Declarations, Benefits. Our payment will not exceed either:

  1. the actual Non-Refundable amount paid by the Insured Person for a Common Carrier
    passenger fare(s); or
  2. the Trip Cancellation/Interruption Benefit Amount shown in Section IV of the
    Declarations, Benefits.
    The Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption of the Insured Person must be caused by or result
  3. death, Accidental injury, disease or physical illness of the Insured Person or an
    Immediate Family Member of the Insured Person; or
  4. default of the Common Carrier resulting from Financial Insolvency.
    It is the position of Federal that there is no coverage for the above matter based on the above
    outlined investigation and policy language, thus we will not be issuing payment for the claim.
    The analysis of coverage outlined herein is not meant to be exhaustive. We reserve the right to
    re-examine and re-analyze all coverage issues involved and not merely those raised by any
    additional information or evidence. By limiting policy references to those cited, we do not
    waive any other policy provisions. We reserve the right to assert additional reasons to disclaim
    coverage based upon the terms and conditions of the Policies or additional facts, whether now
    known or discovered in the future.
    The Policies, in their entirety, are incorporated herein by reference as if they had been stated.
    Our position on coverage is based upon the facts as we know them. We are prepared to
    reevaluate our position should there are any material change in the facts. If you have any
    additional information that you believe may have bearing upon our analysis of coverage in this
    matter, please advise us immediately for our further consideration.
    Please note the following internal procedures in the event you dispute the final (coverage
    position, liability position, offer) applicable to your claim pursuant to N.J.A.C. 11:25-2.5(a):
    1 You may submit your written objections (appeal) to the final (coverage position, liability
    position, offer) to your insurer;
    2 Upon receipt of your written objections (appeal), a panel of at least three representatives
    from the insurer who had no prior involvement with the handling of your claim will review the
    disputed decision;
    3 Within ten (10) business days of receipt of your appeal the internal appeals panel will make
    its decision;
    4 Within three (3) business days thereafter, the appeals panel will send you its decision.

Pursuant to New Jersey Statute 17:29E-9, you may request claims decisions be reviewed by our
Internal Appeals Panel. Requests for review may be submitted in writing to:
Broadspire Claim Benefit Services Phone: 855-276-2410
Attn: NJ Internal Appeals Officer Fax: 855-830-3728
P.O. Box 459084
Sunrise FL 33345
Email: [email protected]
If you have any questions, please contact me at the number listed below.
For customers with hearing or speech disabilities, we accept telecommunications relay service
Etzert Chery
(404) 905-6724
Claim Benefit Services
P.O. Box 459084
Sunrise, FL 33345
Document Upload:
Fax# 855-830-3728
Claim Support: 855-276-2410
Broadspire Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Crawford & Company, is a third party administrator
assigned to act on behalf of Federal Insurance Company to process your claim.

你这是trip delay,不是trip interruption…你file错类别了吧

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cvx的trip cancellation条款貌似就是直接照搬了visa infinite的条款,C1自身并未增加任何额外福利,如果属实的话,确实不cover天气原因造成的取消。


谢了,看回复是这个意思,不知可否用另一claim? 没做过。

我自己用过CSR跟BOA Elite的。trip delay都是上限500刀。感觉完全不够,上次延误128个小时真是惨不忍睹

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