Capital one X $395 posted居然不让降级到Quick Silver

$395 10/25 was posted , 它的全额退款的policy 和AMEX -样是30天吗?只要11/25前取消就可以全额退款吗?

收车费30天内取消Amex card会全额退费,我没去查capital one的退费政策,自动假设和Amex -样。 会不会有surprise?


dp:你说的这个应该不对,我的EDP-》ED,还是pro rated 退年费

他说的没错,你们这是两个情况。30天内关卡全额退年费,降级一直都是 prorated

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AMEX: 如果年费30天内取消, 100%年费返回, 如果Dowbgrade, 会prorate

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googled it and here is something from DOC:
I know this is a known issue with capital one, but once the AF is billed the only way to get it refunded is cancel the account. Even if you product change to a no annual fee card within 30 days, they won’t refund the AF. I asked for a exception to this policy, the supervisor said no.

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啊 这

报个dp: 去年venture 95af posted. 打电话去想要降级 quiksilver, 接电话的大妈说no, 要在年费posted 前打电话, 然后帮我申请免venture 的95af.

过两个月后app跳出来 “upgrade offer” 自己操作product change 了 quiksilver.

Capital one: 我的理解,年费30天内取消卡全额退款,30天里换卡不会prorate, 而是分文不退。若想不付年费换卡,必须在post 年费前要求。这是我网上学习的结论。请分享实战DP

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不滿一年轉卡 c1x sign up bonus不會被clawback嗎?