Amazon Fresh Bone in Ribeye Roast $8/lb

每个4磅, $32
USDA Choice obviously, 这价格哪有USDA Prime

唯一问题是amazon fresh 要50刀以上才能free delivery,那只能买两个了

用隔壁$50 off $100 的话可以买3个加filler for $50 :wulian:

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加了filler瞬间被反撸 :yaoming:

为什么我的要100才能free delivery 啊 :smiling_face_with_tear:

问题是bone in的话,自己在家怎么切片啊 :hear_no_evil:

做prime rib

Step 1. Trim the bone off with a regular kitchen knife or cleaver
Step 2. Freeze the meat for a little bit until it’s kinda hard but not super hard
Step 3. Try to thin slice the meat without cutting your fingers off

Fun fact, I tried to slice a block of frozen wagyu before, almost cut my finger off, lots of blood, could not stop the bleeding until I got some bleedstop from cvs. Now there’s scar tissue on my left index finger where the middle joint is, it’s like a meaty nub scar. Fun stuff eh?

没点进来就知道谁发的 :doge:


可能去骨之后和costco 11块的差不多?