High deductible plan在已经有HSA的情况下,还选了FSA


我和LD的保险 都是我公司的high deductible plan,并且我有HSA account with family contribution. LD 在她自己的公司没有 enroll任何保险,但是去年年底在选 benefit的时候, 发现还可以 enroll FSA, 没多想就选 FSA了。然而,最近发现 一个家庭只能有 HSA FSA 的其中之一。LD联系公司HR如何取消FSA, 但是被告知,不可以取消。请问如何处理FSA帐户?每月还在不断的交钱,里面的钱怎么处理?

Fixing this before April 15th, 2025 (When you file for tax 2024), you have to WITHDRAW HSA contribution and pay tax, otherwise, there is 6% excise tax on HSA contribution EVERY YEAR going forward.

  • Basically, contribute to non-LPFSA make your HSA contribution illegal
  • non-LPFSA CANNOT rollback, so you HAVE TO rollback HSA

下次教你的LD请教泥潭before do this stupid mistake.

See answer from Contributed and used both FSA (spouse) and HSA (mine) in 2020. How to fix?

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2024年我们都还没有用过任何 FSA 和HSA里面的钱, 并且都还没存满。所以我现在FSA不能做任何事,但是我现在应该停止往HSA存钱? 然后 withdraw HSA怎么操作? 还有FSA 里面的钱那可以用于medical 正常报销 对吗?

Stop HSA for now, pay the taxes owed when you file your return and withdraw the over contribution along with any gains, by working with your HSA provider.

If you use TurboTax or HRBlock, they will find out based on both W2 of yours, and lead to how to pay the additional tax owned.
Then contact your HSA provider to withdraw the over contribution.

  1. Stop the HSA now
  2. You can even contact your HSA provide to withdraw for NOW too. This will reduce the existing HSA contribution potential growth
  3. Use the tax software to pay the additional tax for all the HSA existing contribution in April 2025

只回复一下:为啥不能同时有HSA FSA?我自己high deductible health insurance, 同时有HSA FSA. 这个FSA 是LIMITED FSA,只用于dental vision,孩子整牙用掉


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2023年我们没有 FSA, 那2023年存入的HSA不用withdraw对吧? 我只需要withdraw and pay tax for 2024 年存入的HSA?

然后还有一个问题, 如果 LD的 FSA 只是存入 individual max amount, 然后我自己的HSA也只是存入 individual max amount,这样操作合理吗?

不合理,按照整个家庭来算的,除非你们 "分“


我觉得可刑,有判头 :yaoming: :yaoming:

只讨论what is the law and how to obey the law.


Box 14 of the W-2 了解一下



Health Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Generally health FSAs are not required to be reported on an employee’s W-2. The exception to this rule is when an employee’s deductions for all benefits are less than the amount elected for the health FSA.

An employer offering a plan with flex credits which employees may use towards benefits but may not take as taxable income may also want to review how these flex credits affect the benefit amount. This may determine whether or not the health FSA must be included when reporting the cost of healthcare on the W-2.

See IRS Notice 2012-9 for examples describing when W-2 reporting is required for Health FSAs (refer to Q & A 19) and for more information on health FSAs and W-2 reporting requirements.

如果老婆医疗保险跟着老公,很有可能是Exception Case.