USBank 商业卡 limited time in branch offer

Try to set up an ExtendPay plan on your account before paying off your balance. I ended up having a $0 fee offer on ExtendPay that wasn’t otherwise sent to me. It lets you pay over 24 months. Obviously more interesting for Leverage than Triple Cash cards, latter which has 0% APY

我申他家的biz卡每次都是自动拒,说不能验证身份 也不知道要怎么弄。明明已经有UAR了

Thanks for applying. You’ll hear from us soon.
We’re looking over your application and may ask you to provide additional info or documents. You’ll certainly hear from us by mail once we have a decision, usually in 7 to 10 business days.

要输入卡号第三方bill pay

或等paper statement


收到了letter bill, 真是有个corporate account 显示有balance due. 网银里就不显示这个corporate account。 刚才打电话pay by phone了, 真TMD辣鸡系统。

corporate account 可以单独注册网银


md underwrite电话裂开了好像,现在都不知道找谁,浪费一个hp

dd triple cash跟leverage都成功了,但是只有3k的cl能干啥啊 :cry:

顺便问一下biz credit card能满足us bank personal checking的免月费要求么