FCC Broadband Facts Label Starting April 10

Beginning April 10, 2024, consumers should look for broadband labels at any point of sale, including online and in stores. The labels must disclose important information about broadband prices, introductory rates, data allowances, and broadband speeds. They also include links to information about network management practices and privacy policies. Broadband Consumer Labels | Federal Communications Commission

最近已经在一些 MVNO 上见到这个表了,跟 Nutrition Facts Label 长的一样。感觉对乱七八糟收费的 Postpaid(点名 AT&T 和 Verizon)算是一个打击。

目前 Straight TalkVisible 都在页面底部显眼位置放上了这张表,隐藏收费以后无处遁行了。

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