Kroger fuel point glitch 油点 二倍 DP

我想建立一个 Kroger 油点(羊毛)的 数据点 ((DP), 以方便有用油点的朋友们. 这里主要是收积fuel point glitch data. (For example give 2x instead 0 for variable vgc or mcgc, or give 6x instead 4x fuel points for fixed value vgc or other etc). 我上星期去买500 vgc,没有任何fuel points, 今天买了3个VGC ( 3x498$) 得到了2倍数油点. Please share future DP if you can. TIA

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0x还用费这个劲?符合term的情况下, 没拿到点数可以打电话去跟客服要。

Amazon gc现在都不参加4x活动啦

你买的是pathward vgc 435880开头的吗


1st time bought this kind paper vgc with all numbers printed in the back with 435880 pathward by BHN

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This is a glitch. Coupon Meant for fixed value vgc like 100$ ones, that why I didn’t get 4x but 2x. but I always clip the coupon anyway.


This is new cards and I am not sure it work in Walmart. I normally use them for Mo at all places except Walmart. I don’t even try them at Walmart no more.

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Fred Meyer买 500vgc 没有glitch 2x油点

Since it’s 1st time buying this paper vgc by pathward(service by Blackhawk network with begin# 43588089) I am not sure if needed but I reset the pin and used the card at Kroger for a money order of 475$ and it’s smooth and success today. Not sure if I can use for $499 one time. I may try to use for higher amount next time. Take care.

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今日去买vgc 500 each, 2倍的油点. 买了三张,得到3000 fuel point at Kroger.

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哎曾经有过亚麻8x的好日子 :yaoming:

Wish I read your DP yesterday, not sure still glitching, I am happy even for 2x point for $500 vgc or mcgc