$VITL 蛋股史高啦🥚

this is why i hate stocks :wulian:
also, when I placed the market price sell order, I somehow sold it for 36.8…that has to be the lowest of the dip

果然是小饺子 :yaoming:

I died so you can all live :yaoming:

Watch it shoot to $60 now

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谢谢猴哥的无私精神 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

笑死我了 今日最佳

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:yaoming: :yaoming:今天看到的

15​:hocho:左右为了:egg:买了10股,为了拿个袋子25​:hocho:又买了10股, 这两天看涨的差不多了 :yaoming:41​:hocho:跑路了,~100%的return

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自从猴哥卖掉 一切都好起来了 谢谢猴哥

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