Chase Instacart 信用技巧

lol everyday I learn some way to have a free meal

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So when is it better to send the message? Wait for the charge to be posted? Or the first card got $10/15 receeived? Or just soon after the purchase. Thanks!

It has worked every time when I send message immediately after order is delivered (after I check to make sure no errors with my order). First time I waited for posted charge but later did not.

Eventually the order’s help option disappears so I wouldn’t wait too many days. What I’ve done if I need to wait longer (CSR credit to reset for example) is to send a short and incomplete message and then, at a later date, reply to initial Instacart email with my full request to change payment method. Worked I think 5 or so days after the order, am trying now 2+ weeks after order in early June, will update if it works.

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