First Tech Credit Union Checking 申请 竟然pending了

Thank you for choosing First Tech as your financial partner! We’ve received your application for a First Tech Rewards Checking product, and we’re processing your application now. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your financial path.

You should receive another email in 1 to 2 business days confirming the final status of your application. If you have any questions for us, or did not submit this application, please call us at 855.855.8805 Monday-Friday from 6am-6pm PT, so we can assist you. We can also provide you with a copy of your application, if requested.

另外申请这个$300的开户奖励,不需要promo code 吧

这个可以CC funding吗?

不知道,还没开成功,客服感觉巨傻, 说我没账户没办法帮助我,。。。我是申请账户碰到问题了,太无语了,这种小银行拿奖励,真是累,感觉不划算

有没有锁信报?我上次开keypoint credit union的时候锁了,他们没法soft pull,解开了之后打个电话给客服就成了

没有锁,开他家checking 需要先开saving么?客服说的,关键压根找不到开saving的地方

Same 我昨天申请的 也pending了
感觉这些小银行 ChexSystems都比较sensitive



申请DD 奖励,不需要promo code 吧



今天下午收到email approved了


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