前几天开了upgrade checking账户撸DD奖励,刚开完户就(fake)dd了一笔钱过去,然后账户秒suspend,和客服聊了以后要求上传DL和本人手持note照片,照做了以后还是不给解封说资料不符合要求,问题是照片和DL都是符合它列出的要求的,想求助大家这种情况该咋办啊,看了下BANK review suspend黑钱是这个银行的基操了,最惨大哥有6个月还没拿回钱的,我是不是只剩下cfpb 投诉一条路了。。。 :lying_face:

Thank you for choosing Upgrade!

Thank you for submitting documents for review. We are unable to accept them as they do not meet our requirements. please resubmit the documents and make sure the photos are clear, legible, and that your selfie also meets the requirements listed below.

In order to process your request, we ask that you please provide the following:

  1. Government Issued Photo ID (front and back)
  2. A photo of yourself holding a note with your Upgrade account details
  • Must make eye contact with the camera
  • Fullarm must be visible in the photo
  • Note must NOT obstruct any part of the face
  • Information on the note must be clear and legible
  • Information included on the note must match the specific application/account(s) requiring verification
  • Photo must NOT exhibit any suspicious signs
  • I.e. - No digital alteration, forgery, face swap technology etc.
  • Must be clothed; shirtless photos are NOT acceptable

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