Motley Fool自动续费220刀还可以取消吗?

我忘记怎么开了这个会员 因为AA? 去年这个时候? 然后突然自动续费了220刀,我好像没有收到提前续费的通知,请问这种情况下,我可以把这个会员取消吗?

我刚点击取消,renew date是5月13号 今天,收到了一个这个邮件。
Dear Linqi,

This email serves as your confirmation that we have canceled your Stock Advisor subscription and will issue a refund of $216.67. Please note that if a state sales tax was collected during the billing, taxes will be refunded as well.

We will submit a refund back to your payment method(s) used for the original purchase. You will see the refund on your statement within 3-5 business days - once your credit card company or bank has processed it. It will be issued by “The Motley Fool” or “TMF”. If you don’t see it within that time frame or on your next statement, please let us know. Our Member Services team will be happy to help.

这个意思是 就会把今天收的会员费 返还给我?


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