[Targeted] Strata Premier 苍蝇腿offer spend $500 on eligible categories, get 2500 points

Eligible purchases1 at consumer electronic stores, department stores, home improvement stores, and home furnishing stores

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yes, email title “xxx, Activate your offer today and start earning now.”

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大半年没收过citi的各种offer了,去年还不时有刷350送30的活动来着 :yaoming:

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你这是个啥标题?这不就是5% upto $500 purchase?

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我记得前几天我还收到了一个offer 也是送积分的… 不确定是不是这个. 问了客服说没有…

Best Buy, Target, Lowe’s, Homedepot 5% up to $500

5x at restaurants and retail shopping
Offer excludes gas stations and supermarket purchases, and purchases booked through the CitiTravelSM site

收到不一样的offer在custom cash上

2 points per $1 spent up to 2500 points
categories is Gas, , grocery, restaurants and retail shopping

看起来可以和custom cash double dip啊,相当于7%?