Uber 修改GC terms


Uber is making some changes to Uber gift cards.

You can read the new Gift Card terms in full here. These changes will be effective from 20 June 2024. These new terms:

  • Clarify that Gift Cards are now a stand alone payment method and can no longer be used to top up Uber Cash.
  • Explain your options once you purchase a gift card. For example you may choose to activate your Gift Card in your Uber Wallet or to transfer or gift the Gift Card to another person.
  • Confirm that Gift Cards are not reloadable and that once activated, a Gift Card is no longer transferable i.e. it can no longer be gifted.
  • Confirm that there is a time limit for activation. If an Uber Gift Card is not activated before its expiry date, the value standing to the credit of the Uber Gift Card is forfeited.
  • Inform you that once you or your giftee has activated a gift card into their Wallet the balance does not expire.



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我觉得你应该反思下 不买gc了。。


uber gc使用时必须和账户绑定?绑定后不能再给其他账号使用?
那不是和现在一样吗,第一条又是嘛意思,uber cash和uber gc balance分开显示?


Uber 该倒闭了 :troll: