us bank altitude connect (uac) pps 休息室链接


The card number you entered did not match what we have on file, please try again.

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银卡会员闪亮亮 :dizzy:

这个链接就在Altitude Connect你开卡完过了一周多之后发的邮件里面就有。应该是你要开完卡得等一等再去申请,要不然他信息还没发到pps。

We are unable to locate that card number in the Priority Pass program; please check the number and try again. Eligible cardholders must use their unique card number in order to complete enrollment. If you continue to receive this error, please try again in a few days, or contact your issuing bank if you are unable to successfully enroll after two weeks of receiving your card.

Card number don’t match/not eligible 提交慢点 多试几次就好了 这网页不知道有glitch 还是什么 要更长的时间来反应 :wulian:

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