可以的 IRS指定网站都有三个 每个可以交两次 这样每个季度可以6次
除了 Pay1040还有PayUSAtax和OfficialPayments 另外两个fee稍微高一点点而已

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我看Frequent Miler写他这么付很多次了 他没遇到过什么问题 你可以衡量一下

The IRS maintains a table of frequency limits for paying taxes via credit or debit card (found here). In general, they say you can make up to two payments per tax period per type of tax payment. For example, you can make 2 payments every quarter to your quarterly estimated taxes, and you can make 2 payments every year to your annual taxes. Important : In my experience, these limits are enforced per payment processing company . That means that you can really make up to 6 payments per tax period per type of tax payment ( or more if you make Plastiq bill payments as well ). An IRS advisor I spoke with several years ago did not think that there would be any problem with making more than 2 payments by using different processors. Since then, I have made more than 2 payments per tax period many times and never had any issues. That is, of course, just my own personal experience. I can’t guarantee that your outcome would be the same.

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而且官网direct pay的限制是24小时只能支付2次

因为官网只能用ACH transfer,不能用credit card/debit card。用卡有cashback,通常能cover甚至超过手续费。如果是做开卡任务就肯定超过手续费了。