NRA只有1042S 因为中美treaty免税无法OLT efile

上年在学校打了点零工,收入不到一千刀。只收到1042S,问了学校W-2学校说“you were paid in 2023, but with 1042 earnings. Therefore, you will not be receiving a W2 form.”
OLT填了8843和1040NR,然后在summary里告诉我 不能efile,显示:
Warning - Need to Paper file due to the following reasons: One of the following must have a value in your return in order for it to be efiled: Total effectively connected income, Adjusted Gross Income, Tax Amount, Total Credits, Total Tax, Total Payments. If none of these amounts are present in your return, you need to paper file.


直接预扣了没啥好算的,直接paper file吧
或者有的学校专门给nra有glacier tax

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