是不是5%利率和返现都没了啊 要不要都转出来啊

Here’s What You Need to Know:

  1. Transition to Cash Management Accounts: We will be transitioning from checking accounts to cash management accounts. In connection with this transition, a brokerage account at Synapse Brokerage LLC will be established on your behalf. Funds held in your checking account will be transferred to your brokerage account and then into the cash management program. Until further notice, you will continue to have full usage of your checking account as necessary to use the various ancillary services.

  2. Program Banks: Your funds will be held with trusted program banks, including AMG National Trust; American Bank, N.A.; Third Coast Bank, SS; Western Alliance Bank; Webster Bank, NA; Old National Bank; ServisFirst Bank; NewBank; and Customers Bank;

  3. Your Current Account Number and Cards: Your account number and debit cards will remain unchanged. There are no changes to your use of your debit cards at this time. Although we plan to migrate to a new routing number in the future, this change is not part of the current transition. We will notify you well in advance when this change is scheduled.

  4. Transition Timeline: This transition will occur over the next several months, will be seamless, will come at no additional fee and will not require any action on your part unless you wish to opt out. In any event, you will receive regular updates from us as we progress through the process.

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同问 zszs



FDIC Insurance coverage on balances up to $500,000


还有不到1W 要转出吗?还是慢慢付房贷,付完就算了?
为啥一直倒?上次 enzo 也是。。

可是synapse 是SIPC

因為fintech不賺錢,補貼都是靠投資人的錢 :yaoming:

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我的理解是錢放到有SIPC資格的Synapse,但是錢透過Synapse的cash management program轉存到合作銀行,因此享有的是FDIC;保障上限500K,大概是每個用戶的錢至多存到兩個合作銀行。有點像是Fidelity的CMA錢放到US Bank等合作銀行,對帳單上面會寫FDIC-insured。


刷卡返现增强 5x 用boost变15x 刷刷mo换礼卡很香

safeway之类的不是不在支持商家里了么 都换成了没什么用的店家了

15x jcoin.


自从它干掉了大部分 5% 商户我就弃坑跑路了

兌換禮卡所需的點數變成兩倍,這app可以刪了 :yaoming:


Kroger. Walmart. $50 for 90k. 其他只要35k

24小时只能换5张还有400k币没用掉 :jiucai: